Discover a city full of history, beauty and contradictions which render Taranto unique in the entire world. It will be an experience which due to the richness of history, the beautiful spots, the historical testimonies and the charm of a society, which is strongly connected to its glorious past, you will hardly be able to forget.

Ape Calesse Taranto

Taranto’s long and rich history offers many levels of discovery: From the subterranean testimonies of ancient times, to the historical testimonies of the 16th century and up to the fascinating presence, which has a significant impact on the city. The tours on board of an “Ape Calessino” offer an emotional appeal to enjoy the city at its best including all the shades of this unique city.

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Museum Marta

The Marta is one of the most important Italian museums. The exhibition illustrates the history of Taranto and the development of its territory from prehistoric times to the Dark Ages. The fine collection of gold and objects of extraordinary beauty is of particular interest and demonstrates the artistic language of Greece and the Magna Graecia. In the museum you can also contemplate the grave of the athlete of Taranto, a hero who is hailed as a Greek God, the only one whose remains have been completely restored.


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Boat Sharing

Taranto is a city which is deeply connected to the sea. From fishing to the presence of the navy, the connection of sea and land has always been very strong. From here you can set off on an inspiring boat tour and discover the coastline of Apulia and the beauty of the coastal landscape on board of the Chez Black, a sailing yacht which is equipped for voyages in the spirit of comfort and well-being.

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